Cigar Samplers

Cigars are one of Americas best luxury items. There areĀ  many different types of cigars on the market and so many different cigar brands to choose from. Many people smoke cigars but there are truly only a limited number of real cigar aficionados out there who know what is going on in the industry and what is new on the market.

A new trend is to package cigar samplers. This is when a bunch of different cigars are sold together in a sampler pack. Its a great way to try a few different brands before committing to an entire box. Here are some great samplers. Pick one now and have it for the holidays!

When buying cigars, you must have a high quality humidor to place them in. This will keep them fresh and make sure the cigar smoking experience is a great one. There are several cigar sampler packs that offer discounted or even free humidors. These are not the highest quality but they do work.


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